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Contact us today! We are a Minneapolis based Video and Film production company partnering with businesses to grow and expand their brand.

Branding films

Let's tell the world your story: who you are, what you do, the passions that drive you. Whether you're a brand new startup, an established business or non profit, an artist or collective, or anyone in between, we'll get to the heart of your story to form a powerful aesthetic and emotional connection with your audience.

We'll create a 3-5 minute film that draws viewers into your world and serves as a high level exploration of who you are. We'll partner closely with you at the outset of the project to discover the details of your story and how best to tell it, and then we'll carefully sculpt and focus the tone and the narrative, while inviting your input each step of the way.

The final film is a perfect introductory piece for your website, and we often come away with accompanying photo and video teaser content for your social media spaces as well. This can also be an ideal opportunity for new head shots and environmental portraits, as well as photos of your office or studio.

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