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Limp Fizkit

Because why the hell not:

Just a fun little project. Born of watching one too many live sets by electronic musicians, in which there’s no discernible correlation between the myriad dial twists and button flips and jib jabs executed by the artist, and the music coming through the speakers. Honestly, is that gear actually plugged in? CD player hiding under the table? No need to name names here—you know the type!

The specific spark of inspiration came from this performance by Holy Fuck, complete with butter knife sighting. And it got me (Jeff) thinking: why not take that idea just a little bit further? Or, a lot further. Why stop at a single unsoiled utensil when we could throw the whole kitchen at it?

The spark fanned into flame by the 2019 AT&T Shape film competition. Alas, we didn’t win the “shot on mobile” category (all of Limp Fizkit was shot on an iPhone X, with the exception of one little snippet of stock footage), but we’re still quite pleased with the results, and we had so much fun in the process. Maybe a little too much fun.

And since this is me, Jeff, speaking, I think I can brag a bit about my partner Chris. An incredibly talented cinematographer and storyteller. As mentioned, this was shot on an iPhone, in my dining room (mostly), with minimal lighting gear, for about $400 total (almost all of which went toward wardrobe), and he still made it look incredible. And other than needing some extra color grading love—heavy noise reduction in particular—we were fairly impressed with the iPhone X, with one possible caveat. (More on that later, perhaps.)

Many thanks to our friend Ryan Stadler for several assists on this, and to the Landmark Uptown Theatre in Minneapolis. Still can’t believe they let us hijack their marquee with that nonsense! And to Elephant Dragon and DJ Black Negro—whoever you beautiful people are—for that insanely wild track No Prohibition for the Coalition, perfectly perfect for our little music video.

Btw, the aforementioned Holy Fuck is an amazing act—they’re brilliant musicians, and so, so fun to watch live. Definitely no CD player hiding under their table.

And while I’m on the subject, check out this set from Jon Hopkins. An absolute musical genius, and I guarantee you his live performances are actual live performances. Jon if you’re reading this (you are reading this, aren’t you?) we would LOVE to shoot your next video.

And one last h/t: for an actual discussion of all those dial twists and button flips from an actual musician, here’s a good one from Kieran Hebden aka Four Tet.